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BITVoxy Digital Media provides  Media and Digital Support Services.

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Service excellence.

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Yet Another Evolution, This Website is managed as a project of BITVoxy Digital Media (BDM) which was founded in 2012/2013 as YJCI Media.

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The BITVoxy project is lead by a Project Manager & Chief Editor. The Current PM/Chief Editor is also BDMs Chief Agent/Executive, Lance Cameron.

As such Services offered by BDM are used to subsidize any project offsets.

To learn more about BITVoxy Digital Media, check out our website or simply Google “bitvoxy”.

Project Support (Monetization)

We are also a Humble Partner

Direct Advertising, Banner Ads via Google AdSense, Affiliate links, Sponsored Posts, and Donations go a far way in making this blog a reality.

If you would like to advertise on BITVoxy, then check out our advertising pages to learn more about having your advertising placed on our website.

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links, Learn More.

You can use the following Platforms to order a service or make a donation via a Digital Wallet.

    • Bitcoin: 1ANxs8hHGaSw2sNjGqRNjNYvQHSoJz51Zb

    • Ethereum: 0xD01C665Bf60CD2F1f226b8c4a41b17fDbe732Cca

    • Doge: DM7TbuW1j5b6KvTXMQgZPq3CJzZQ8aYUdY


    • Tron: TBY5auGEzqiQqJ4DRHzs7D9Tk4HuBZkvmp

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